Seeking shelter from the storm

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - One year ago, just after her 29th birthday, Misti Davis gathered her three children in fear of her husband and fled from Lufkin to Galveston; where on her own she found a job and a place to live.

"We were doing really well. I'd accomplished a lot of things, my kids were actually safe. They went to bed at night knowing they were safe and not having to worry about what they were going to eat the next night," say Davis.

Almost one year later, Davis had to get her kids and come back, thanks to a storm brewing in the Gulf.

"All I brought was one duffle bag of clothes.  When we left, I thought we would be able to go back in a day or two.  That's not the case, and now we don't have anything anymore."

But a day or two turned into a week and now Davis has received word that her home on the west end of Galveston Island was destroyed.

"Now we have to start all over again. Everything I worked for is gone," says Davis.

She's living between her parent's house, where there is not enough room, and her car.

"We're trying to accommodate by sleeping bags on the floor, just everything we can.  But it's hard. It's hard to do that," says Davis' mom Terri Evans.

She would like to stay close to her family, but it's hard for even them to help.

"When your family is trying to redo what the storm messed up here, you really don't get help.  And they are doing the best they can."

Davis worked at KFC in Galveston, so she is meeting with the manager at Lufkin's KFC Monday to hopefully get back to work.  And she hopes she can find a place to live soon, that she can afford.

"I would do it but I can't. I've asked everybody in my family but they just don't have it.  If someone would find us somewhere to live, let me get in it and start working and just give me a chance," says Davis.

Evan's says she's spent hours on the phone with FEMA, but is still waiting for them to review her case.

She went to the Christian Information Service Center for help, but because she is technically an evacuee, she doesn't qualify as a local to get assistance from them.