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Brothers on the field...Brothers off

By: Coleman Swierc - email

Nacogdoches, Tx (KTRE) Dragon football is all about the team....and family.

"We want to make sure that when the football is snapped, that every player knows that he is representing his brothers around him," said head coach Bill Harper.

On the outside Henry Wiederhold and Evan Chatman, couldn't be more different, but a closer look, shows that they, are just as much a family as you will find.

"We think of each other as brothers, we have always thought that way," says Wiederhold.

"I treat him like he is my brother, we are just great friends," said Chatman.

Just over a year ago, Henry's family legally adopted Dragon swimmer Hunter Gerrard, not long after, Evan found a second home.

"It just go to the point that I started taking him home, and he just started living with us," said Wiederhold.

"They are great people, they are willing to help me and Hunter out," said Chatman, "and I really appreciate them for that."

Of course, three boys in the house, can certainly wear our a path to the kitchen.

"I'm sure my parents feel it on the food bill, but other than that, it is all good," said a smiling Wiederhold.

Though legally there is no relation, the bond is certaily there.

"It is really just like family, there is no difference at all," said Chatman.

"We have been around each other for so long, I dont even think about it any more," said Wiederhold.

And just like family, the competition between the boys never stops.

Wiederhold compared the two, "I hit Evan almost everyday, he is a little quicker than I am, but I can handle him."

The competition never stops, but neither does the admiration, both are starters on the undefeated Dragon team.

"When he is on the field I am rooting for him," says Chatman, "and when I am on the field, he is rooting for me."

Everytime Henry Wiederhold and Evan Chatman take the field in 2008, not only to they play for the team, they play for each other, they play for family.

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