Lufkin Police Report - 9/23/08

ASSAULT/C: 900 Block CROOKED CREEK. Complainant reported that female subject had been assaulted by her husband.  The female was not located but officers are investigating the report and will continue to try and contact the reported victim.

BURGLARY/VEHICLE: 700 Block N THIRD ST. Complainant reported that her vehicle was broken into Monday and the stereo/DVD player was stolen.

INDECENT EXPOSURE: 700 Block S TIMBERLAND. Complainant reported that her young grandson saw a male subject expose himself to a young woman two different times inside a grocery store Monday afternoon.

CREDIT CARD ABUSE: 300 Block S CHESTNUT DR. Complainant reported that he lost his wallet at work earlier in the month and several unauthorized charges have since been made on his debit card.

ASSAULT/A: 400 Block ATKINSON DR. Complainant reported that he was assaulted by a man and a woman during a disturbance at a wedding reception Sunday evening.  The male suspect also kicked dents in the complainant's car door.

ASSAULT/C: 600 Block ELLIS. Complainant reported that she was assaulted by a known suspect at a teen club Saturday night.

THEFT/A: 900 Block N TIMBERLAND. Complainant reported that a rented X-box video game had been pawned at a pawn shop by a known suspect.

THEFT/B: 600 Block S TIMBERLAND. Complainant reported that he tied his dog up outside a convenience store Monday afternoon and it was gone when he came back out.  The dog was located a short time later tied up outside a store a couple of blocks away.

THEFT/B: 100 Block CHAMPIONS DR. Complainant reported that someone stole her daughter's cell phone from the pool area of an apartment complex last week.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 200 Block KAREN. Complainant reported that someone scratched a line in the paint down the entire length of his pickup while it was parked in his driveway Saturday night.

ASSAULT/A: 100 Block CHURCH ST. Complainant reported that her former boyfriend pulled her from her car during an argument Monday afternoon and took her cell phone.  He returned the cell phone and forcibly removed a ring and a bracelet from her, scratching her hand, wrist and face.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF: 200 Block E DENMAN. Complainant reported that someone had stolen her car, driven it until it was almost out of gas and returned it Sunday night.  The complainant reported that several items had been moved around in the car but did not note anything missing.

THEFT/B: 200 Block BOOKER. Complainant reported that a Mexican palm tree was stolen from her yard within the past three weeks.  She also reported that her son now has a Mexican palm tree in his yard where he didn't have one three weeks ago.

THEFT/FELONY: 5500 Block S FIRST ST. Complainant reported that a known suspect purchased two ATV's with a bad check.

THEFT/B: 1200 Block W FRANK AV. Complainant reported that a known suspect stole some cash from her grandfather in late August after being given some cash to deposit in the man's account.

BURGLARY/BUILDING: 1200 Block S CHESTNUT. Complainant reported that someone broke into his auto repair shop and stole a blue Toyota car with Tennessee plates Sunday night.

THEFT/B: 2500 Block DANIEL MCCALL. Complainant reported that she left her purse in the shopping cart while loading items into her car Saturday afternoon.  When she returned for it later the purse was gone.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 1500 Block COPELAND. Complainant reported that her car was "keyed" down the side sometime Sunday night.