Nacogdoches County residents will have to wait for debris removal from road shoulders

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Debris is coming into a biomass debris site in Nacogdoches by the minute. The trees, branches and limbs are from Nacogdoches city streets.   The same kind found on just about any Nacogdoches County roadway. But that debris removal will have to wait.  " We asked a question and got about ten different answers, " said commissioner Tom Strickland concerning the days he's spent researching debris removal. Nacogdoches County commissioners are shying away from securing emergency clean up contracts. Instead, they're seeking bids. But first FEMA must assess the debris amount. That could take several weeks. Nacogdoches County Judge Joe English said,  " They'll take about 2 weeks to come and do an assessment to figure out just exactly how much lumber is in the county. "

Danny Vines owns Angelina Fuels. He says all that's unnecessary. He's secured contracts with Angelina County and most of the cities within that county on an emergency basis. Fallings limbs are a liability. Vines said,  "If one of those hangers happen to fall on a school bus that's putting the public health at risk. " The Nacogdoches County road and bridge department is removing potentially dangerous limbs and trees, and marking other debris.

Vines also warns hiring someone now to move the debris is a matter of good economics. Vines said,  " Fourteen days following the storm it's 100% covered as far as the cleanup cost is concerned. " But debris removal deadlines are generally extended. In addition, the judge and county attorney say they're following FEMA's advice to strictly follow the bidding process or risk losing future federal grants. English also believes, "To go with one company and not opening it up to other contractors just isn't fair to Nacogdoches County."  Danny Vines, representing Angelina Fuels says he has full intention to submitting a bid to Nacogdoches County. He wants to remove the debris, either now or later. "