Disaster Recovery Assistance business headed south

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Drewery family never desires a natural disaster, but they want to be there to help when it happens. On the phone Keith Drewery coordinates manpower. " And how much do you lack in Morgan city?" Drewery is wrapping up from Gustav. His son has a disaster recovery crew in Louisiana. He's needed back at home ASAP. Drewery continues,  " Well, send me the trucks as soon as you get back. Send 'em back here because I'm gonna send 'em to Houston. "

Drewery's company is successful thanks to connections, pre-planning, manpower and patience. A lot of it will be needed south of here. Drewery flew over the area yesterday and confirms all the news reports.  " It's a bad situation and it's going to be a long process in cleaning up. The main problem down there is C & D, construction and debris that's all the houses that blown down. That makes it very difficult, hard to pick up, a lot of environmental issues got to be brought up and taken care of and it just takes longer. "

Cleaning up after a major disaster can be a slow process, but it also takes on a different tone when it happens in your backyard. Ike wasn't even out of the area when Drewery rushed over to his former football coaches house to remove a large oak tree.    " Your heart just goes out to 'em and it's real sad. It hits close to home, " said Drewery. Drewery has seen lots of heart aches, but his inspiration comes from people who look out for one another during a hardship. That's the kind of disaster recovery Drewery prefers.

Local Cleanup Continues

Drewery will keep trucks in East Texas. In Nacogdoches the first pass through  in neighborhoods was completed Wednesday evening. Two more are planned. Residents will be notified of the last pass through so they will have plenty of time to put debris curbside. The cleanup process should end in a couple of weeks.

Peggy Drewery wants people to know they can avoid paying sales tax if an arborist is needed because of Hurricane Ike.   Drewery explained, " This will go on as long as the homeowner is willing to provide us with a signed sales tax exemption that the state of Texas gives to us. If they state that this damage was caused due to Hurricane Ike and sign it, get it back to me, they protect themselves, save themselves 8.25% per $100"

Now cash purchases of recovery materials are not tax exempt unless you use an emergency service debit card or check. That's why it's important to keep receipts in case you file a claim at a later date.