Six year old walks away from school and is hit by truck

GARRISON, TX (KTRE) - Briley Birdwell woke up on Friday and when it came to going to school she flatly said, " I didn't want to. " Upon her mom's insistence she was dropped off at Garrison Elementary. After some tears, she got a tardy slip and sent off to class, but she never got there. This is where Briley's adventure begins.   Briley talks about the trail she took.  " I went to the road, to the high school gym and I went through the gate and went to the road and I went to the highway. "

The first grader crossed Highway 59, one of the busiest roads around. The head strong youngster then walked down the busy highway in front of numerous businesses. About 2/10 a mile away she crossed the highway again. The determined youngster knew where she was going,  " I was headed for my mom, "  said the freckled child with large, big eyes.

Jimmy Holmes was on his way to help her, when it happened.    " well, she started running across the street, you know. Then that truck was coming down the highway puling that trailer and I guess he didn't see her, I don't reckon. Any how, we heard a bump, " explained Holmes.

Briley came away with bruises and staples in her head, but luckily no internal injuries. Now everyone has the same question.   That Bridget birdwell, Briley's mom is asking.  " I don't understand how she walked all the way out of the school, in front of the high school and nobody was concerned. Nobody tried to stop her, tried to get her back to class. "

In a manner of 19 minutes Briley left school and was hit by a truck. The school has security measures in place. Superintendent Arnie Kelley is adding some more.    " Supervision is gonna be increased during the school day of our students while they're on campus. We're also going to escort any Pre k through third grade students who comes to school late to class.  "  They will also be talking with the students on safety measures.

Events like this present the possibility of a lawsuit. For now the family is asking for more preventive measures and payment of medical bills. Briley is expected to be back at school Monday morning.

Today is briley's 7th birthday. The spunky first grader has learned an important lesson, don't skip school and go to class.