New drug smells and looks like strawberry candy

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - There is a new "designer drug" out there, and police are warning this one is another targeted at kids.

The drug is called "Strawberry Quick," and it looks like pixie stick candy or pop rocks.

It also smells like strawberries or the other flavors it comes in.

It is actually a type of crystal meth.

We are told by police that kids ingest the drugs, thinking its candy.

The warning is for parents to remind kids not to accept or buy candy from strangers.

"The concerns are that it's being made and marketed to children because it would be more attractive and candy flavored. With the name and look of it, it does look like candy and it more of a concern to us that its going be used to market to children."

Young says this drug has been popping up in Dallas and Houston area schools.  Even though it hasn't been found in Lufkin, they want to make sure it doesn't come here.