Lufkin Police Report - 10/1/08

THEFT/B: 2500 Block S JOHN REDDITT. Complainant reported that five pieces of jewelry were stolen from her apartment within the past three days.

ASSAULT/A: 800 Block CONN ST. A teenaged girl reported that another girl hit her in the face as she was taking her backpack off Tuesday afternoon to fight the girl.  Both girls are juveniles.

DISTURBANCE/DOMESTIC: 900 Block ROWE. Three persons reported they were assaulted by two known suspects in a disturbance Tuesday afternoon.

HARASSMENT: 2500 Block S JOHN REDDITT D. Complainant reported receiving numerous hang-up phone calls from a local business phone.

THEFT: 1800 Block E DENMAN. Complainant reported that she threw her purse to the ground during a disturbance and left it there when she was arrested Tuesday afternoon.  Upon her release from jail later, the woman returned for her purse but it was gone.

HARASSMENT: 4500 Block S MEDFORD. Complainant reported that a known suspect keeps coming to her workplace to see her and comes when she isn't there to inquire about her phone number and whereabouts.  The suspect has been told my management to stay away from her workplace but he continues to come.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 1100 Block OLETA ST. Complainant reported that two tires on her pickup were cut early Tuesday morning.

DISTURBANCE/DOMESTIC: 1800 Block E DENMAN. Complainant reported that she was shoved by a known suspect who put a finger to her forehead and shoved her head back during an argument Tuesday.

ASSAULT/A: 400 Block E LUFKIN AV. Two co-workers reported mutual assault Tuesday after an argument over a machine setting.  One man stated the other body-slammed him, causing him to hit his head and cut it.  The other said the first man spit on him and lunged toward him and he shoved the man back, causing him to hit a wall fixture and cutting his head.  One man required treatment for a cut to his head.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 100 Block E LUFKIN AV. Complainant reported that someone broke open her apartment door early Tuesday morning.  Nothing was missing and the complainant isn't sure if anyone came in or not.  The door appeared to have been hit near the knob with a blunt object.