There's no excuse not to vote

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The voter registration deadline is looming and after Monday October 6th, tax assessor collector Midget Sherman says no one else can register to vote this November.

"We need to get as many in as we can because you do have to be registered 30 days prior to the election to vote in the election," says Sherman.

It's a presidential election of historical proportion and that could impact the numbers at the polls.

"I think and the state has predicted this is going to be the largest election turnout we've had in a while," says Sherman.

Also important this November is soldiers casting a ballot.  According to Senator John Cornyn in the last election cycle, over two-thirds of the 1,000,000 votes cast by overseas military weren't counted.

"It's very important soldiers and service members get to vote. They are fighting real hard for our freedom and to defend our country.  The least we can do is have an opinion and by voting we get to do that," says U.S. Army Staff Sergeant William Velez.

"The country is going through some tough times right now and it's important everybody, not just soldiers overseas, DOD employees and service members deployed who are currently serving tours outside of our country, have their opinion heard," says Sgt. Velez.

And Sherman agrees that everyone who can vote should cast a ballot, even if you are gone on Election Day.

"If you are going to be out of the county, anybody, you can apply for a ballot by mail. The ballot must be sent to an address out of the county. But if you are over 65, disabled, in the military or a student you can apply for a ballot by mail," says Sherman, so there is no excuse.

"It's one of the things we have that's free to us, it's very important. And this year, more than ever it's really important.  So everyone needs to get out and practice their right," says Sherman.

Starting October 20th, early voting is also an option at the courthouse annex. And the next week, substations in Diboll, Huntington and Zavalla will open.  For times and locations go to the county's website.