Burke Center open new service center in Nacogdoches

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Burke Center has

always had a home in Nacogdoches, but today they celebrate its newest location.   No longer do individuals and families with mental health issues have to go all over town for services. Adult, children and substance abuse treatment are all under one roof. And in November, a psychiatric emergency service center will be added. Burke Center CEO, Susan Rushing said,  " We were really out of space. We couldn't grow any more. We didn't have room for all the services that we did have to offer so by putting it all in one building we will be able to better accomodates our programs. "

Burke Center board chairman Murphy George and businessman A.L. Mangham combined their negotiating skills, convincing Nacogdoches Medical Center to sell the property.   Medical Center CEO Gary Stokes said,  " We've had a shortage of mental health and being able to expand their services all the people in the entire area will benefit form that. "

Something else great for mental health providers is the Senate passage of a mental health parity bill. It was tucked away in the economic bailout package. Burke Center board vice chair, Dr. Nancy Speck explained,  " This is an opportunity to get coverage for the brain just like we have for other parts of the body. The brain is covered for malignancy and other things, but those things affecting our emotions and our decisions making have not been equally covered. " A landmark piece of legislation that if passed by the House will provide guranteed insurance coverage for mental health care. 'Working together to save lives' is what the Burke Center staff says its all about.