Breast biopsy no longer requires surgery

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Dorothy Anderson is about to have a breast biopsy. Her anxiety is eased. Instead of an operating room, she's in her doctor's office. Instead of surgery, Dr Donald Cagle will use a hollow needle. The Nacogdoches physician explained,  " We don't have to bring it in and out. We just rotate it and we can get biopsy 360-degrees around in the area that we're looking at. "

A local anesthetic deadens Mrs Anderson's breast. The site is compressed, similar to a mammogram. Computer magnification up to 100 times helps locate the deposits. X-ray technician Lisa Brach knows how to take all kinds of pictures to enable perfect positioning. " We take pictures to triangulate the lesion and that helps show us the depth, " demonstrated Brach. The needle is positioned and with an audible click it's painlessly inserted. Dr. Cagle views the monitor displaying where the needle went and says, " Right on the money. "  Once on target a vacuum is turned on, sounding somewhat like a sewing machine.   Cagle said,  " We suck the tissue into the hollow place in the needle. "  The specimen will then be taken to the pathologist for study.

Then there's a look at the before and after pictures, just to make sure everything was removed. Once again Cagle proudly says, " All gone. Every one of them."   Cagle explains why he spent two years learning and perfecting the procedure.   " It's the way of the future. In fact, there are over 2-million biopsies that have been done. This will become the standard of care and that's why I wanted to develop this technique for my own patients. "

Mrs Anderson is pleased she can walk in and out and she's not in pain. But still....  " There's still the worry of how the biopsy turns out. " And no technology can take that concern away.