Economic outlook for Angelina County

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Almost 375 workers will soon be out of a job when citation stops production, which puts a lot of stress on the economy in Lufkin.

"It's been here a very long time.  It's one of our major employers. But it's unfortunately evidence of stuff going on nationally/internationally in the economy that can affect stuff close to home," says Jim Wehmeier.

And close to home it is.  Wehmeier is the director of the Lufkin Angelina Economic Development Partnership and says this is a tough situation, but something our economy can handle.

"Although there are a lot of uncertainties right now in the economy, and it's hard for people to see, but overall we are blessed. We are doing far better than other areas of the country, in Texas in general and our community," says Wehmeier.

We do have other opportunities for these workers and our area.  It takes time, but he's not worried because of the different businesses we already have here.

"Diversify and bring in companies with a different business plan to where as the economy affects one business, it's generally helping the one across the street," says Wehmeier.

The question is, where do we go now and will our other businesses make a positive impact?

"Is it going to have an impact, absolutely? But we hope it won't be a long term impact. We hope these other companies will help shorten the impact by hiring," says Wehmeier.

Our community doesn't hinge on one company and we have multiple projects in this works, so Wehmeier says this is something we will move past.