It's Diboll Day

It's October 4, 2008, the day designated as Diboll Day in East Texas.  This is the 57th celebration.

The first Diboll Day was held in 1953.  It started as a way for local residents to raise money for community projects, especially youth projects.  The Diboll Booster Club emerged from the planning.  Diboll Day is now held every other year.

The Booster Club has raised some four million dollars since the start.  Long time residents say it's a time to show community pride.  Diboll natives and former residents from all across the United States come back to celebrate.

It wouldn't be Diboll Day without a big parade complete with queens, bands, cheerleaders, football players, church groups, 18-wheelers pulling trailers piled high with lumber, riders on horseback, custom cars and more.

Just as significant is the coronation of the Diboll Day Queen.  Each queen candidate represents a group of businesses and the group that raises the most money has their queen candidate crowned Queen. Revenue from Diboll Day has helped fund projects like swimming pools, little league fields, Old Orchard Park, child care center, the library.