Nacogdoches airport opens up for public

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The AL Mangum Jr. Regional Airport is home to hundreds of planes that we rarely get to see other than in the sky, until now.

"This is our 2nd annual Airport Open House.  We have static displays and the Apache and Blackhawk helicopters. They are here so the public can get up-close and see what it's all about.  It's been a great attraction with people swarming it since they got here," says Mary Uresti, the airport's manager.

The Blackhawk and Apache helicopters were a big hit, but so where the small planes lined up next to their hangars.

"Some of our local pilots brought their planes out so the public has a chance to see them and what that's about," says Uresti.

And tons of people did come out to see the different planes, learn about them and even crawl in a few of them.

"We came out; it's a beautiful day in Nacogdoches.  We heard about the model airplanes, so we wanted to take a look at those.  There is supposed to be some good music out here, so we are excited about that," says David Nortch, who brought a bunch of boys to the airport.

"Are you kids enjoying it so far?  Who's all enjoying it? Let me hear a yay!!  I think they are enjoying it," says Nortch.

The model airplanes were also out flying, showing everybody just what they could do in the air.  Flips and turns, they do everything a real airplane can do, except the pilot is on the ground.

'Does it interest you to learn how to fly?' "Yes and no because I would like to fly but I do not trust my mechanical ability to keep flying," says Nortch.

But that's what is so neat about the open house. You don't have to be an aficionado to enjoy it.

"It's an opportunity to see planes you wouldn't get to see otherwise and get to know about what happens at the airport," says Uresti.