Join the Power of Pink for breast cancer awareness

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Approximately 87 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year in Angelina County and this month, Lufkin alone has more than 600 people joining the fight in the "Power of Pink!" luncheon.

"October was set aside many years ago, and women became more empowered if you will.  They've learned more, educated themselves and come together as a community as well," says Memorial Hospital's Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Sid Roberts.

"It's so much fun, a chance for women to come together and share a bond of survivorship and remember those friends and relatives who had breast cancer and learn more yourself, take charge and do some prevention," says Dr. Roberts.

The Power of Pink isn't just to learn more, it's also a fundraiser for indigent cancer patients in Lufkin.

Hortencia Delacruz with memorial says it's also a way to emphasize the importance of annual screenings, because that could save a life.

"It's real quick but they need to come in every year. Some breast cancers grow rapidly, so we need something to compare it to every year," says Delacruz.

Dr. Roberts says, as scary as it is, breast cancer is treatable.

"It's a very common cancer, but very curable cancer and early detection is the key, no question. The cure rate for early breast cancer is approach 90% plus and that's fabulous," says Dr. Roberts.

Memorial takes breast cancer awareness seriously, so they have adopted a new machine to make screening easier.

"We have the newest on the market right now, the digital mammography. The radiologist has a lot he can do on his end, like manipulate the images and it's really neat for everybody now," says Delacruz.

And for everyone who comes in during October gets a pink mug.  It's just more way to get people to remember to take care of themselves.