High School Hero - 8/27 - Gabriel De La Cruz

Most high school kids get a job during school to make a little extra cash. But little did he know that job would help him choose his future career.

Gabriel De La Cruz wants to go into the nursing field when he gets out of college. He did not know that until last year as a Junior at Lufkin High School. What began as a job to earn a little extra money has now turned into something Gabriel wants to do for a living.

Gabriel is a Co-Op student at the school, meaning he gets paid for working while learning in a professional environment. For the second year, he works in the nurses office at the high school. De La Cruz says his job has not only given him some extra cash, it has helped him understand why he wants to become a nurse.

"When I first got this job I was sort of scared of like handling kids, you really don't think another kid is going to treat me as an adult, but here you tend to get a lot of respect, not only from the children, but also from your fellow employees," explained De La Cruz.

Gabriel will graduate a semester early and has plans set to reach his goals of becoming a nurse.

"I plan to get myself a full-time job and find some way to pay for college, hopefully scholarships, I will get a couple of those. I'm pretty much going to stay here in Angelina College, they have a really good nursing program," added Gabriel.

Gabriel says he also plans to work in Angelina County, so he give back to the community that has given so much to him.