Union Workers Back To Voting

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE)- Union workers operate under a three year contract at Lufkin Industries and this past Sunday it expired. Union officials tell KTRE for the past month contract negotiations have been in the works, but no agreement could be reached by Sunday.

Clay Herford, Boilermaker Union Leader says, "Today we are re-voting the contract. We had a proposal last weekend and voted on Sunday. It was rejected, we went back and met with the company again and we are going to re-vote today."

By Sunday night... All parties did agree to a one week extension. So now,  Herford says Lufkin Industries have put a new contract forward.

"I think we have a generous offer, a fair and equitable contract I think we can live with. We look forward to the future to be prosperous with our workers and Lufkin Industries," says Herford.

And with that new offer starting today Boilermakers filed into their meeting hall.  Boilermakers vote today, machinists tomorrow and moulders on Thursday.

A final decision should be made by Thursday evening.

"We're here to work. Our members wouldn't be employed by Lufkin Industries if they didn't need a job and they wouldn't have employees if they didn't need them. So the best for both sides would be to work everything out and keep moving forward."

Clay Herford says he doesn't want to speak for the machinists and moulders...but it appears the new contract will be accepted.

There has been no interruption to service to date. If the new contract is approved by workers, officials say their shifts would not change. Paul Perez with Lufkin Industries told KTRE this afternoon that he will not comment until the union's vote is complete, but he does respect the actions the union is taking.