Pineywoods Fair KTRE Ride-a-mania

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Dallas may have the state fair, but only Nacogdoches has the Pineywoods Fair. The fun gets started tomorrow.   The rides are in place for tomorrow's KTRE Ride-A-Mania. Anyone who brings three can goods receives a $5 discount on ride armbands. Today exhibitors were busy setting up.....and judges were busy tasting the baking contest. Just some of the 'down home' activities planned for the next four days.    " It's the community of Nacogdoches with all the vendors and all the ag exhibits and to watch the kids walk in puling their parents as they come in and it's always the opposite when the kids are going out, the parents are pulling the kids going out, " said Expo Manager, Bill Plunkett.     The Pineywoods Fair goes until Sunday. For a complete schedule go to