Jack of the Week: Dustin Kempf

By Ryan Peterson

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Dustin Kempf spends more time cheering, then playing.

"I get into the game,"  The S.F.A. sophomore says.  "I lose my voice every Saturday night rooting on my teammates."

When he does take the field it's for good reason.

"I've got to be in the game and be warm every play just in case we've got to kick a field goal, extra point or punt."

"He maybe has five to seven plays a game," S.F.A. kicker Cory Long says.  " And if he messes up one, they're yelling at him on the sidelines."

That's the life of a deep snapper.

"The pressure on those guys is tremendous," S.F.A. head coach J.C. Harper says.  "You don't notice if they're doing their job until they don't do it right."

He's limited in snaps, but Kempf's finger prints are all over the game.  However he would like more touches.

"I played receiver in high school and I always want to get in there and help the offense out," Kempf says.

He probably could.  Kempf once had 240 yards receiving in one game back in high school.

"I know in past he's wanted to play tight end and he has pretty good hands," Long says.  "But they (coaches) want him to stick to deep snapping so he's over on the side with us."

Not doing much.

"Special teams we just usually goof around," Kempf says.  "Some are jealous of me and some hate me for it."

His coaches love him when he's doing his job.

Dustin Kempf is your jack of the week.