East Texas ghost hunters releasing DVD of their findings

LONGVIEW, TX (KTRE) - One local couple is trying to prove the existence of something else, something paranormal, and they're putting out a DVD that they believe will change some minds.

Are these cloudy images just light refraction, or are they spirits from another dimension?

"Well, there's a certain order of mystery about them. There's something out there whether it be real or not we're here to hunt the truth," said Mike McCaskill.

"I'm convinced that there's things out there that we don't know and or can't explain yet," said Mike.

Mike and Dee-Dee McCaskill of the Upshur County Paranormal Society are ghost hunters.

They've traveled to locations all across the country, including the believed most haunted place in Louisville, Kentucky, the abandoned Waverly Hills Sanitorium.

In East Texas, they've investigated reports of haunted homes and cemeteries, taking eery pictures of shadowy images. And they have had their share of unexplained experiences.

"A mixture of things from unexplained noises to your hair being pulled being pushed in one location. It's a cold, very odd feeling, quite unusual," said Mike.

Mike had his first experience as a boy staying with relatives.

"At the end of the hallway standing in front of the restroom door was a man, but he was semi-holographic looked real but didn't look real at the same time."

Mike is convinced hauntings are real.

"What I hope to achieve in this whole thing is to solidify evidence to either prove or disprove what is out there," said Mike.

Is it real? Or is it what many want to see? Ghost hunters want to know for sure.

The McCaskills are currently investigating the reported haunting of a building in Jefferson.