American Cancer Society's Fight Back Express

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Cancer Action Network's Fight Back Express is a rolling petition. Hundreds of signatures, collected across the nation are on the bus panels. People across the nation are speaking in unity to make cancer a national priority. ACS regional government relations director Kristine Weaver said, " Our whole message behind this is if one person can fight cancer, a nation can raise up to defeat it. "

The signatures speak volumes. They symbolize how many lives are touched by cancer. From hospital pharmacist Jerry Hudgens who shared,    " Two weeks later biopsy I got the biopsy reports and, yeah, I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. " To Holly Randall, a daughter spending quality time with her father after his decision to end cancer treatments.    " It just helps me get up everyday to know that I'm actively making a difference so that somebody doesn't have to deal with the same things that we've had to deal with or my father. "

The American Cancer Society brought the fight back express to Nacogdoches after learning the city passed the no smoking ordinance. Mayor Roger VanHorn said while signing the bus,  " I'm getting ready to join this group of dedicated people to fight cancer in our country and I'm very proud to do that. "

The bus has been on the nation's roads since may. It rolled up during Nacogdoches Medical Center's Brake For Breakfast cancer awareness event, a fitting re enforcement to important messages. Oncologist Dr. Kathryn Lewis said,  " We have a big problem in this country with access to care with uninsured and under insured."

A bus panel reads , ' Your voice can fight cancer '. The signatures show the emotions, but it also shows the importance of talking to our legislators. Weaver said,  " This is so important to invest in the health care of America, especially now during this time of economic crisis. "

You haven't lost your opportunity to join the fight. Your encouraged to go to the American cancer action network web site to learn how you can help during critical legislative action.