Unclaimed Property List

News Release:

(AUSTIN) - The annual Unclaimed Property List brings good news to about 130,000 Texans - they have money waiting to be claimed.

"Many family budgets are tight and most folks could use some extra cash right now," Texas Comptroller Susan Combs said.  "Everyone on the Unclaimed Property List has at least $250 they can claim."

The Unclaimed Property List is the Comptroller's yearly reminder to Texans that banks and businesses holding forgotten funds whose owners cannot be found are required to turn the money over to the state, where it is held until the owners or their legal heirs claim it.  The newspaper list contains only the names of owners of at least $250 in unclaimed property reported to the state within the last year, though many more people have lesser or older amounts waiting to be claimed. Combs encourages those who do not find their name on the list to search the complete unclaimed property database <http://www.claimittexas.org/>  at www.ClaimItTexas.org.

"Our new Web address this year is a call to action: it is your money; it is up to you to claim it," Combs said.  "The online search is easy, and if you find your property, you can start the claim process immediately. The average claim by an original owner takes fewer than 30 days to process."

The Comptroller's office is holding nearly $2 billion in unclaimed property, in amounts ranging from less than $1 to more than $1 million.  Some of the property has remained unclaimed for many years.  Forgotten bank accounts, uncashed paychecks, dividends, insurance proceeds and abandoned safe deposit box contents are just a few of the assets turned over to the state.

To find out if any unclaimed property may be yours, check the Unclaimed Property List that will be published in more than 30 Texas newspapers today, Sunday, Oct. 19, search the unclaimed property database <http://www.claimittexas.org/>  at www.ClaimItTexas.org or call (800) 654-3463 during business hours to speak to a customer service representative.