Early voting satellite locations for voter's convenience

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Beginning Monday in Nacogdoches County a traveling voter machine will go to Cushing, Martinsville, Etoile, Appleby and SFA. Candidate Jason Bridges is confident the handiness will lead to a good voter turnout.    " It's quick. It's easy. They don't have to drive to Nacogdoches and it's convenient, " he commented.

Student interest is generating a lot of energy around the election. The Stephen F Austin University satellite voting location, located in the student center, is expecting the biggest turnout. Political science professor, Dr. Steven Galatas said,    " I think having the early voting location on campus is important for two reasons. First of all, yeah, it helps the students vote, but again, it's only going to be those students who are actually registered to vote in Nacogdoches County. I think the second advantage is we are one of the largest employers in the area. We're in a central location, relatively speaking, in nacogdoches and it's a good service the university can provide to a wider community. "

That's another benefit to voters, the satellite offices, whether it be at the courthouse annex or in the rural areas , are open to all precincts. Assistant election administrator, Todd Stallings urged,  " We want people to understand anywhere we're having early voting in this county, if you are a registered voter, you're welcome to attend. "

The access to voters, the wide variety of locations and the good hours are making it more difficult to find an excuse not to vote.

Satellite Early Voting Locations & Dates

Mon.,Beck Building - Cushing, noon-7pm
Tues., Martinsville ISD, noon-7pm
wed., Etoile ISD, noon-7pm
Fri., Bethel Baptist Church, Appleby, noon-7pm
Oct. 27-28, SFA Student Center, 11a.m.- 4p.m.