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Freedom Fighters: Ike Barker

Ike Barker was awarded three Bronze Stars for valor during World War Two. Each was for a major battle in the South Pacific.

Barker joined the Army in January of 1941 at th age of eighteen. Before the year ended, America was at war, ignited by the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

During three major battles, Barker fought and drove his big dozier up mountains and through jungles, clearing the way for America's big guns Looking back, Barker wonders how the many bullets bouncing off his dozier missed their mark while the bite of a Malaria-carrying mosquito put him in and out of hospitals for years. Barker had re-enlisted and hoped to stay in the Army longer, but a medical discharge, based on his malaria, ended his military career in 1946.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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