Lufkin residents getting ready for election

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The folks in Lufkin seem to have an opinion heading in two different directions.  Some think Obama will bring much needed change.

"For a big change, we need it bad.  Things are not going right, how they should.  I think he'll be the one to come in change things, work things out they way they should," says Obama supporter Jasmine Fields.

While others, like Christopher Daugherty, believe we need McCain for change.

"Bush got us in what we are in and we need another republican to finish it."

With the election 18 days away, our economy and the war is what's on people's mind.

"It is bad how it's going, stock markets are crashing, but I really don't feel like Obama is going to help us any.  McCain, I have a lot of respect for him, he was a prisoner of war and he knows a lot more about the situation at hand than Obama does," says Daugherty.

"The reason why it worries me so much is my brother, because he's not here with us. They are trying to send him back to Iraq. I don't like having to see my brother come in then leave again.  That's the main think I'm worried about is my brother," says Fields.

With the third and final debate over, it's up to the people who decided who is best suited to run this nation.

Daugherty says, "I'm going to vote for McCain, I'm more of a republican than democrat, plus I feel like he's going to do more of a change for the economy and he just knows more about it. He knows. And I'm going to vote because one vote can make a change," and one vote can.

Record numbers of people are expected to vote in this election, with 13.3 million registered in Texas alone.

For people in East Texas, change is the only thing that everyone can agree on.

Early voting starts October 20th and Election Day is November 4th.

Officials encourage registered voters to cast their ballot early to avoid the lines.