High School Hero - 9/3

Trevor Fountain didn't want learning to become predictable and boring for his younger schoolmates. As a Boy Scout Eagle project the Central Heights junior organized the construction of an outside classroom. Learning becomes fun on a breezy hillside under a tall shade tree. "It's a different learning environment. Things get stale and old. People need variety, says Fountain.

Which is sort of how Fountain lives his life. Theatre serves as an outlet for his creative talents. His accomplishments in UIL computer science competitions show off his analytical abilities. Ambitious would describe Trevor Fountain.

Fountain explains the example he likes to set. "Just somebody that works hard. That's motivated. That's just self centered enough so they make themselves do things that matter. Mainly somebody that looks out for other people that are worth looking out for."

In Fountain's mind that would be Douglas Musgrave, his sixth grade teacher. "He's probably one of the best teachers I've ever had and one of the best people I know."

Musgrave is touched by Fountain's sentiment. "Trevor is a student that you won't forget. He's imaginative and creative. He brought forth a force to the classroom that allowed me to be a good teacher."

That partnership between a student and a mentor helped Fountain realize that learning isn't confining, but occurs in wide open spaces.