Family and friends pray for teenager's recovery from shooting

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Constable David Adams has been called to hospital intensive care units many times, but never for a daughter who has been shot. The Nacogdoches County law officer said, "I don't think anybody actually can imagine that. I'm still kinda at a loss."

Ebony Adams is accustomed to high kicks and lots of smiles with other Nacogdoches High School Dragonettes. Now the sixteen year old recovers from a surgery. It's the start to repairing massive injuries from a large caliber gun. Her mother, Adrian Simon explained, "She had a lot going on from bowel to bladder to rectum. Just a lot and she had her pelvic shattered and just a lot going on, but she had a great, great team of doctors."

The injuries happened at a house on Randall Street Tuesday night. A teenage boy was seen by  neighbor Tina Highsmith rushing out of the house. He was carrying Ebony in his arms. She recalled,  "I heard the dude screaming with the little girl. He was saying, "please don't let her die. Lord, I'm sorry. Please don't let her die."

At this time police aren't releasing names or specifics. Adams says he's been told the shooting appears accidental, but he questions all accidents with guns. "Personally, I don't believe there's such things as an accident with a gun. There's always that possibility that it's going to go off, so you got to handle it with care," said the father.

Right now family and friends and concentrating on getting Ebony well. School leaders and drill team family provide their support. Former Dragonette, Taryn Goerner conveyed, "The drill team is really close. All the girls stick together and we're always there for each other." Drill team mom, Taryn Brazil shared how they help. "First of all prayer, support for her parents, her family. Some of the other moms have brought food and we're checking on them regularly."

For all this, Ebony's worried mom says, "I just want to say thank you to everybody. The support, the love and prayers is very greatly appreciated."