Cyclists Roll Through East Texas

Over 72 riders cycled their way into East Texas tonight.  No, they aren't just taking an afternoon ride on the bike.  They are the Cycle For Life bikeriders.

They have been on the road for over 10 days now.  This is part of a long journey that started back on October 14th in Halifax, Nova Scotia and will finish in just a couple more days in Austin, Texas.  That equates to over 2600 miles for these bikers.

These riders are taking part in a fundraising event called "The Livestrong Challenge."

This comes from Lance Armstrong's fundraising event that raises awareness for the fight against cancer.

"Not only is it a challenge physically, it's a challenge emotionally," said Jim Currie, one of the Cycle For Life riders.  "Everyone of us here has been touched by cancer here in some capacity. It's huge. We can't believe it's day 10, and when we crossed Texas today, we had a big yee-haa."

Jim Currie is not the only one who feels the reward that comes with a challenge.  "The bike ride has been a challenge and I find that very rewarding, that we're here, day 10," said Peter McCormick.  "But more importantly, we've met people along the road everyday.  These people have given us donations, water, and motivated us along our journey."

The riders will spend the night at the Harmony Hill Baptist Church in Lufkin.  They will then resume their ride tomorrow and are expected to meet up with Lance Armstrong this weekend as the bikers finish their journey when they reach Austin.