SFA patents process to produce vitamin

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - SFA's biotech laboratory holds the prestige of discovering a natural and safe way to produce biotine, also known as vitamin H. SFA biotech professor Dr. Bea Clack explains,   " It's used for nail growth, hair growth, ligaments, normal ligament function, neurological function." You find it in cereals to animal and poultry feeds.

There are no U.S. manufacturers of biotin.  " There's only three known manufacturers in the world that actually produce it. And it's produced mainly through a chemical synthesis," explained Clack. Some foreign producers use hazardous chemicals. Here in Nacogdoches scientists discovered how to produce biotine using a 'go green' fermentation method. Graduate student and research Sasanka Pedapudi explained,  " It is more eco-friendly. That is what we are mainly concerned about. All other matters which we have until now are not eco-friendly. "

SFA patented the process and its commercialization is under development by a leading feed processor.    The ability to commercially produce biotin will have it's benefits for SFA. For instance, a bottle holding one gram of 99% pure biotin is $50 a pop. Around the world more than $65-million of this vitamin is sold. SFA could earn around a million dollars a year in royalties. That buys a lot of research equipment. Clack points to the fermenter used in the process.  " This one was about $10,000. No actually, $25,000. " The research continues using the same strategy to hopefully produce other vitamins.