Unforgettable Journey

These photos were submitted by Glynda Clemons of Hudson, Texas. They were taken in September, 2001 by Glynda and her fiancé, Matt Parkerson. Glynda sent the following letter with her photos, which we quote here (edited just a little for clarity).

" My fiancé used to own a semi and traveled to New Jersey and New York several times a month. I took a month off from my job to take a trip with him.

We left our house in Hudson on Sept. 4, 2001 and traveled across country. We came back out of Canada on the morning of Sept. 10, spent the night in New York on the eve of Sept. 11. Crossed over into New Jersey to deliver and load before daybreak on the morning of Sept. 11.

We were at a truck plaza across the bay, about five to six miles away, when the planes flew into the towers. In fact, I saw the second plane fly into the smoke and into the second tower. These pictures were taken at the truck plaza as the towers were burning. You can see the smoke behind us.

We gave a guy a lift out of there so he could try to get back home. He was late to work that morning, and was on a city bus. The bus stopped and put everyone off as they could not travel on into the city. His name was Chris, and he worked down the street from the towers. He was thanking God that he was late to work that day! I took us two hours to travel 20 miles that day, but we finally got Chris close enough back so that he could walk to the bay where he knew someone with a boat who could take him back across the bay so he could get home.

We got back home to Hudson on Oct. 1, and my fiancé, Matt Parkerson, never went back out in the semi. He gave it up. He was gone for weeks at a time, and I believe our experience changed us forever. We realized there are more important things than money, and that no one is promised tomorrow.

The other pictures of the semis were taken around the middle of Sept. 2001 at a truck stop in Baltimore, Maryland. All the semis were displaying flags and signs! It was an instant unity and rallying together of everyone we met on our unforgettable month-long journey!"

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