High School Students and Politics

DIBOLL, TX(KTRE)- An incident at Diboll High School has caused school officials to monitor what election campaign clothing students can and can not wear.

Diboll High School principal, Craig Ruby says, "One wore a t-shirt portraying their candidate in a negative light, they discussed a little bit, we took the shirt off, there was not an issue of it."

No physical altercation occurred, but school officials are making sure students understand the guidelines. In the school's student handbook it states, "..While we understand students' desire to express themselves in their clothing and grooming styles we do not permit students to wear clothing with pictures, emblems, or writing that is lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene..."

Ruby says their is some good out of the situation and faculty and staff agree, they say because students are fired up about the battle of Obama and McCain is making teaching easier.

Economics/Government teacher, Brian Cruk says,"Kids really get into it. It limits itself to all the curriculum. We talk about polls, we talk about the interest groups, we talk about all the economic effects that the government has. It's just easier teaching because kids do have an interest in it.

So why are students so interested in the 2008 presidential election?

Senior student, Mary Kathyrn Ives says, "There are a lot of interviews, more people are watching the debates, it's not just a color issue, we have arguments, we have agreements about it. It's just one of the biggest one that I've seen yet."

Shelby Ricks, also a Senior student says,"My family has been through a really rough time because of all the things that are currently wrong with our country's economic. I am enthusiastic about some get elected that can do something about it."

Come November 4th we'll find out who America thinks can get the job done. The students at Diboll High School participated in a mock election.