Angelina College Takes a Stand on the Stump

With the election just five days away, there are so many issues at stake regarding our country.

Earlier today, Angelina College students had their chance to sound off on the political issues facing our nation.

"Many of the students today really talked about abortion, the war, and the candidates tax plans," said Branden Selman, a member of Club Xpress, which put on today's open forum.

The open forum was called "Take a Stand on the Stump."  Anyone who wanted to give their take on the candidates and their policies were given all the time to do so.

Suzy Honeywell, who is a Speech Instructor at Angelina College, says this open forum was about more than just the election.

"Not only are they getting involved in the election," she says, "but it's also about freedom of speech.

"What we've tried to do is have an open area that is a free speech area and have the students express their own views and opinions."

With so many people taking their turn at the mike, the forum lasted just over two hours.    Coy Hardin,  a Club Xpress member, says this should come as no surprise.

"It's weighing a lot on people's minds right now.  It's a big decision that will have an affect on all of us."

So whether you're leaning toward the right and the McCain and Palin ticket, or perhaps the left, and the Obama/Biden ticket, one thing remains certain.

"Our main goal is to have them get out and vote," says Honeywell.  "That was the goal of what we did today, and has been our goal all along."

The Stand on the Stump will have one more open forum on Tuesday, November 4th.