Jack of the Week: MC Bottles

by Coleman Swierc

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) -  Faster game and harder practice is not a problem for MC Bottles.

"We really did not quite expect it this early," S.F.A. head volleyball coach Deb Humphreys says.  "Her transition has happened a little quicker than we anticipated."

The freshman, who's real name is Mary Caitlin, has exceeded all expectations.  Bottles has started in 95 percent of the Ladyjacks matches. "I know that I am good enough," Bottles says.  "And I have the confidence in myself that I can play on the team that is championship team."

Most freshman ride the pine their first year adapting to the speed of college volleyball. "The norm is for it to take a little bit longer that it has for her," Humphreys says.

"It was like I proved myself to the team and to the coaches," Bottles says.  "And started playing and doing my job."Her job is to put points on the board, kills on the floor and wins on the record.

"I love winning," Bottles says. "I do not like losing, and since this is a winning program, and we have won for the last few years, I think we need to win." The six time Southland champions have plenty of wins the last few years and plenty more on the horizon thanks to a freshman.  A freshman who is not keeping her talent bottled up.