Political poll shows voters may not really know what party they agree with

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - SFA's Department of Government surveyed students and some county residents, " To get their policy views," explained political science instructor Lee Payne.  "And no where in the survey did we use the name of either of the candidates. We wanted to try to match up their beliefs with the candidate's positions afterwards."

Payne learned the majority of SFA students think of themselves as Republican, but their answers to issue related questions say something different.    " They consider themselves a Republican, but when you look at the issues infinitely they're more likely to follow in line with the Democratic issue, " said Payne.   Take for instance the answer students gave to a big Obama platform . Payne read from the survey,  " We asked whether or not they thought there should be a distribution of wealth, which is one of Obama's calling cards these days, and students said that the wealth should be more evenly distributed, 60.3% said that. " The county residents who responded think quite the opposite, but keep in mind less than 3% of those surveyed responded. Payne knows,  " In our survey, it's in house. The margin of error is huge because of the response rate. "  But professors do believe it provides some reliable insight on how sfa students are thinking politically.

Analysts conclude voters aren't checking out the issues perhaps as closely as they should. By doing so they might be surprised who they really support whether they vote for them or not.

To see survey    http://www2.sfasu.edu/polisci/