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Proud Of East Texas: Shortest War

The shortest war ever fought in the United States lasted only one day and took place against the self proclaimed "Free State Of Van Zandt" right here in East Texas.  While there are many versions of the story, Alvis Allen, Van Zandt County Geneological Society Historian, has researched the facts and the legends.

It seems that in 1869, a group of rebels in Van Zandt County, under the banner of The Free State Of Van Zandt, staged an uprising.  U.S. Troops were sent to quell the uprising, but were turned back by a surprise attack.  The Rebels, revelling in their victory, proceeded to celebrate in the local tavern and were easily captured by the returning Army.  The rebels didn't stay in their hastily made stockade long.  They pulled up the pickets and scattered.  There is no record of any of the rebels going to trial, or evidence that the Army spent much time looking for them.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.


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