Today is Election Day

Election Day 2008 is under way, with long lines reported as polls opened in the swing states of Ohio and Virginia.

In Texas, Secretary of State Hope Andrade projects 68 percent of the 13.5 million registered voters in Texas will cast a ballot in Tuesday's general election.  If that prediction holds true, more than nine million Texans will vote in the election.

Secretary Andrade's prediction is 12 percentage points higher than voter turnout in the 2004 general election and follows heavy early voting turnout across Texas.

"There is a lot of energy across Texas regarding this election.  We have seen it in early voting and I think it will translate into heavy voter turnout on Election Day.  Working with local election officials across the state, we are prepared to accommodate a large turnout.  I urge all registered Texans that did not vote early to go to the polls Tuesday and cast a ballot for the candidates of their choice," Andrade said.

That energy is being seen by local election clerks as well.  Angelina County Tax Assessor-Collector Midget Sherman says a lot of new voters have been added to the rolls and that could translate into a big turnout today, election day.  Sherman urges voters to come prepared, "If they would just bring their voter registration card, that would make it a whole lot easier.  If they don't have that for some reason, if they would call ahead of time and find out where they need to go vote, or if they have their driver's license."

For a list of polling places in Angelina and Nacogdoches Counties go to the KnowMore section of  East Texas News will have complete election coverage Tuesday night on KTRE-TV, and KTRE 9 To GO.