Decision day is here

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Candidates and their backers could be found at the biggest box in town soliciting last minute votes and sometimes it works. College students entering the polls agreed to vote for the candidates who stood at the distant marker. For one candidate hanging out on the street corner is more of an opportunity to release nervous energy. " It's something instead of twiddling your thumbs waiting for seven o'clock to get here. "

The same kind of energy found at the Democratic headquarters. Party chair, Tim Garrigan knows predictions don't always come true. "It's mostly optimism tinged with a little bit of nervousness." The kind of nervousness NAACP Chair, John Morrison found in Florida. He's one of 500 Obama staffers who were called to the Sunshine State. Morrison's purpose there was "to make sure we put safeguards in that state so that what happened prior wouldn't happen again. " Morrison came back to East Texas on Election Day and found confidence at Whit's Barbershop. The predominantly black clientele view today as    " Historic. I took pictures and everything, said Joshua Randall. Retired Air Force officer, M.l. Glynn commented, " I think it's one of the most historic moments in the United States. It seems we have gotten past a lot of issues when it comes to race issues. "

There are republican minorities. The party headquarters has their campaign literature prominently displayed. On decision day the Republicans are seeking an informed voter. Party chair, Jackie Yates said, we feel like when voters are really informed they will continue to go strongly conservative as they have in the past. "

Politics did cross a few lines today. Morrison was told by police to stop playing Martin Luther King's ' I've Got A Dream' speech over the loud speakers attached to his car and a church pastor saw that political signs on the church front lawn were pulled up even though the church is a polling place. The church marquee lends support to a more powerful being. The sign read, " Pray for God's will to be done November 4. "