Chireno principal submits resignation

Chireno, Tx (KTRE) - Chireno High School will soon be needing a new principal. Ray Rice was put on administrative leave last week following complaints that he sent inappropriate text messages to a student. Today he tells the East Texas News that he's resigning. Rice didn't want to be interviewed on camera, but said "I was not out there hustling a 16 year old girl. I was joking around and she knew it." "The kids were sending prank texts. I sent one to the girl. 'It said, you're so hot'. When she didn't respond, I hit resend." She texted, who is sending this? Rice said he responded, "Your secret admirer". The girl texted,"This number comes back to Mr Rice." Rice responded, "You got me. Ok. I was just messing with you."

Rice said it wasn't until the next day when he was investigating an alledged game of 'truth or dare' on the same bus that the girl shared her text with another staff member. The educator of eleven years says he has a good repoire with the kids and he's well respected. Rice says he'll probably be leaving education.

Chireno High School principal Ray Rice was placed on administrative leave by District Superintendent Roger Dees. The superintendent investigated the allegations against the principal. A student's mother told the East Texas News rice sent inappropriate text messages to her sixteen year old daughter during a school field trip. She claims no vulgarity, but says Rice referred to himself in the text messages as a 'secret admirer' and told the girl 'you're so hot'. The mother is asking that she not be identified in respect to her daughter's privacy. She's planning to take her complaints to the Texas Education Agency and an attorney. Dees says he will investigate the case fully. Ray Rice was hired in June and came from Cooper High School in Northeast Texas.