High School Hero - 9/10

You could say Diboll Senior Vermique Burton is a busy student.

"I spend most of my time up here. I'm varsity cheerleader captain, varsity basketball, varsity volleyball, track, National Honor Society. Members of SMASH club. Church youth choir. I volunteer whenever I can," explained Vermique.

And that doesn't include her class load.

"I take Honors Calculus, AP Biology 2, AP English. Pretty much all my classes are weighted and honors classes, expect athletics," added Vermique.

What drives this remarkable student? Her desire to reach her goals.

"I have this need. I want to achieve. I want to do the absolute best. I want to have an impact on society. People say that our generation isn't going to amount to anything, and I want to prove them wrong," said Burton.

Vermique is at the top of her class and plans to attend the University of Texas in Austin and go on to medical school. But she says those goals and dreams would not be possible without a great support system.

"My mother. I thank God for her. She's really the person that motivates me. When I was young, she would instill that, for me to do my homework. And after a while it becomes instinct. I know I have to do it. She supports anything I want to do, any endeavor," said Vermique.