Black East Texans react to Obama victory

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE)  - On election day patrons at Whit's Barbershop were hopeful for an Obama victory. The next day the black clientele was joyous. Taylor Whitaker stops a haircut to say,  " We ought to pull together and I liked what McCain say. He's all our brothers now. So we all work together. "

Patron university student Danzell Holland indicated with one hand lower than the other, but slowly raised it back up said,     " At one point in time I felt like we were here and everybody else was here, but now it's right here. Now I think we're on an even plane now. " Retired Air Force career man. M.L. Glynn wants young people to sit up and take note of Obama's accomplishments.    " The blacks has got to put more emphasis on education. Most the Caucasians they think about education the first thing. They talk about education from day one. We talk about the streets from day one. "

On the campus of Stephen F Austin State University,  student government president Kent Willis is on the right track. After Obama's victory, the public administration major set higher goals for himself.  " Well, maybe I can be a mayor or a state representative or state senator or anything they want to be in politics. I think it definitely shows that people of divers backgrounds have just as much opportunity as anybody else has if you go out and get qualified and have the plan that people believe in. "

Martin Luther King drawings hang in the office of Head Start administrator Patrick Sanders. Will President-elect Obama's picture be added?   Sanders watched the coverage of the historic night with his children.  " That's one of the greatest things about this. You can actually talk to a child now and tell them they can be anything they want to be and actually mean it. " The message will be sent to the 4 year old pre school room. The children are asked who is the next president and they respond with "Obama."   Even pre schoolers know their future president. During their lifetime if they listen they'll clearly learn their accomplishments wait through opened doors.