Amended lawsuit filed against officials in Shelby County

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Numerous Shelby County officials are being sued in an amended federal class action lawsuit alleging illegal stops and seizures. A Tenaha deputy city marshal, the Shelby County district attorney, a criminal investigator who lost a bid for sheriff and a Shelby County constable are the defendants.   Nacogdoches attorneys David Guillory and Tim Garrigan are representing the plaintiffs. It was originally filed several months ago, but recently amended to include more plaintiffs. Their claim is the county officials targeted, stopped, detained, searched and seized property from blacks traveling thorough or near TenAha.   Guillory said,    " We have a whole lot of people that are speaking with a unified voice. It seems like everyone of these people just by having gone through Shelby county and having driven through Tenaha, Texas is the same thing happened." Garrigan added,  " It is the way they get stopped, shaken down for money and valuables and then law enforcement officers seize it and there are subtle variation between the different examples. "   Attorneys are asking in the suit that the practice be stopped. Plaintiffs are waiting to be served the lawsuit before considering comment on the case