Police Gearing up for Increased Traffic Enforcement

NACOGDOCHES - The Traffic Division of the Nacogdoches Police Department will soon be conducting three very important traffic enforcement waves in coming up weeks.

During the week of November 10th the Traffic Division will team with Union Pacific Railroad authorities for a strict enforcement effort at area railroad crossings. According to Dan Taravella, Nacogdoches Police Department Lieutenant of Special Operations, "This is a vital part of our traffic enforcement. We team up with Union Pacific to crack down on grade crossing violations about twice a year. We do this as a reminder to motorists to slow down while approaching railroad crossings and not to try to "beat the train."

The second enforcement effort will be the department's regular participation in the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program, STEP, during the Thanksgiving holidays. NPD participates in STEP several times a year and will be conducting heavy traffic enforcement throughout the entire city the week of Thanksgiving.

The third enforcement effort will be an aggressive speeding crack down specifically in area residential neighborhoods during the week of December 1st. "This effort should be welcomed by the many citizens who have asked for more speed enforcement in their neighborhoods," said Taravella. "We are urging the public to slow down in the 20 and 30 mph speed zones throughout our city. With the time change and it being darker outdoors now, we especially want cars to slow down. People are excited about the upcoming holidays and we want to avoid any unnecessary tragedies. Since the Traffic Division began this summer we have concentrated on the heavily traveled roads where we have a high concentration of accidents, but now it is time we get back into the neighborhoods and make it a little bit safer for walkers, joggers and children."

"We try to strike a fine balance between investing our efforts in our high traffic areas that have high accident rates and our residential areas with few accidents ever reported but where outdoor activities are hindered because of speeders," Taravella said.

The Traffic Division also welcomes enforcement location suggestions. They can be reached at 936-559-2639.