Jack of the Week: Jeremy Moses

by Ryan Peterson

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Barely six feet tall and 200 pounds, Jeremy Moses doesn't have the prototypical build for an elite quarterback.

"I'd say an o-lineman trapped in a wanna be receiver's body," S.F.A. receiver Duane Brooks says of Moses.  He's not alone.

"When I first got here (S.F.A.), everyone introduced to me a few people and told them I played on the football team. They asked what position do you play?Kicker.?

So he doesn't look the part.  But man can he throw.  Over and over again.

"It's a quarterback's dream to the throw the ball 85 times in one game," Moses says.

As a sophomore, Moses is already in the N.C.A.A. record books. Against Sam Houston State, he set a single game record with 57 completions on 85 throws.

"I had no idea he threw 85 balls" Brooks says.  "Even after I saw the stats I asked him how he felt and he said okay. But Sunday when he came in he said he felt like a train had hit him."

Moses says his bionic arm will be ready for Saturday.  The fast healer just needs some fast food.

"I was always a pretty chunky kid back in the day and when sixth grade came my P.E. coach said anyone that could throw the ball through the hope on the other side of the gym, he'd buy them McDonald's for lunch," Moses recalls.  "That caught my attention right there. About 8 years of McDonalds later here I am."

Jeremy Moses is your Jack of the Week.