Residents disgusted after racial epithets painted on school

KILGORE, TX (KTRE) - The search is on to find out who left racist graffiti at an East Texas high school, and Thursday, we have the security video that may help school officials identify who they are looking for.

The graffiti was found at two spots on the Kilgore High School campus.

A security camera in the Kilgore High parking lot captured the images of the suspects spray-painting racial obscenities on the gym wall early Wednesday morning.

"It's not very good quality. You really can't identify them, they appear to be adults," said Bobby Wheeley, KISD's assistant superintendent, describing the video.

Believed to be three adults, a closer look shows all are wearing hoodies, with one wearing a light colored hoodie. Some parents and children Wednesday morning actually saw the vulgar messages left behind before they were cleaned up.

"It still goes on. I thought it was over with. [It will] probably never be over with - but at least slack up some," said Tanya Beall, the mother of a Kilgore ISD student.

Many were disgusted to see the racial slurs.

"I'm very outraged and sad that something like that would happen in our town, and it outrages me more that it was adults that did this," said Lisa Frazier, a Kilgore resident.

"Very upsetting, because it directed at kids trying to go to school to get an education," said Beall.

"I'm very discouraged and outraged first of all that our kids have to go to school and see something like that," said Fraizer.

"We certainly would not want this to happen again to us or anyone else in the area," said Superintendent Wheeley.

Kilgore Police are waiting for a formal report from the school before the investigation proceeds. This kind of racially motivated graffiti, police said, falls into the category of a misdemeanor criminal mischief charge.