Local Gun Sales are Surging

by:  Brad Hlozek

(KTRE, Lufkin)--If you walk into Bill's Gun Trader in Lufkin, you won't be the only one's there.

More than half a dozen people were crowded in the gun shop on Friday afternoon, purchasing guns and other ammunition.

"We are a lot busier than normal this time of year," says Bill Pate, Managing Partner.  "Usually it's busy because of hunting season.

"It's busy for that reason, but it's also busy because a lot of people are worried."

Worried about what you ask?  With Barack Obama taking over as president in just a few months, many gun owners are concerned that with the strict gun laws likely to be implemented, prices will be skyrocketing.  That has local gun shop owners like Bill Pate nervous that business may tail off by early next year.

"The new president has said that he intends to put a 500% increase on ammo. That's terrible."

Right now, however, gun sales are at some of the highest levels we've seen in quite some time.

In fact, Bill's Gun Trader had sales this past October over 65% higher than what it was from October of 2007.

Look for gun shops to be rather busy for the rest of the year, not only here, but across the nation as well.