Deer Causing Traffic Slowdown

Deer struck by car while crossing the road
Deer struck by car while crossing the road
Good Samaritan stand watch to keep deer from getting hit again
Good Samaritan stand watch to keep deer from getting hit again

Angelina County (KTRE) - A baby deer apparently trying to cross Highway 69 north of Lufkin was hit by a car.  The deer still alive and obviously suffering from broken legs lay helpless in the center lane of traffic.

Several good Samaritans stopped to watch over the deer and keep it from getting hit again. The game warden was called, as well as, the sheriff's office, for traffic control.

It is deer hunting season and motorists are warned to be alert because the animals are very active and are foraging for food closer to roads and highways.

A news release from the Texas Parks and Wildlife stated, "The Pineywoods enjoyed similar ideal winter conditions as the Post Oak, East Texas lacked the spring and summer rains to maintain habitat.

"It was looking pretty rough before Ike," said Gary Calkins, TPWD biologist in Jasper. "It was getting to the point where even the beauty berries were shedding leaves and the ponds were drying up. I had not seen it this dry in awhile."

Calkins said the dry summer conditions will likely impact acorn production as some oaks were dropping acorns early.

"Last year we had a really good fawn crop and carryover of older deer so we were set up age structure wise, especially in the northern counties," he noted. "All we needed was the weather for antlers and we could be okay because we were already through antler development when things turned dry."

Those areas entering the third year of antler restrictions appear to be showing positive results, particularly in Rusk, Panola, Cass, Cherokee and Houston counties, and prospects are favorable for this season."

The fawn hit on Highway 69 did not survive.  According to an Angelina County Sheriff's deputy, "The deer died and someone took it away."