Inequitable funding a big concern of rural educators

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Should children's rural schools be entitled to the same kind of equipment and staffing seen in many urban schools? Schools administrators think yes, but ask how can we pay for it. Etoile superintendent Andy Trekell said earlier this year, "We're the third poorest district in the state of Texas by what we get from the state. " That interview holds true to this day. Inequitable funding for rural schools is the number one complaint by superintendents. Their state representative hears it all too often. Republican Wayne Christian paints a worst case scenario,  " I'm afraid that we're headed toward a court takeover of much of our public school system if we do not address proper funding of our public schools. "

Educators are facing increased mandates. State Board of Education member Barbara Cargill spoke about them this morning at the Republican Women's luncheon.    " Funding is always a big issue and that was one issue with the four by four, the four years of math and science is here was another mandate, but where was the funding going to come from, " said Cargill.

Just as children learn from their teacher, the state is wanting small districts to learn from other districts. Christian said, " We find those schools that are more efficient operating their administration faculty and facilities are having higher test scores than those who don't. " It's called a contemporary education policy, but in reality, for years, rural schools have mastered doing more with less.

Christian hosted an education summit. He invited key education leaders from the House of Representatives to meet with superintendents.