Aspen Power Plant

LUFKIN,TX(KTRE)- The future of Aspen Power's Biomass Plant, scheduled to be built in North Lufkin, is now in Limbo. According to an order from the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality, the proposed plant's air quality permit could be in question.

KTRE has learned that the commission recently set aside the permit, pending the outcome on an investigation into allegations of perjury, fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Community Activist Rev. Sylvester McClain says that action re-ignites concerns about potential health hazards. He says, "So the issue here is can we trust Aspen Energy to build this plant safely and operate it safely, so that it won't jeopardize the health of our young children, we have three schools in the area, our elder folks are here, there are other folks in this community that have health issues can we trust them."

The State Office of Adminstrative Hearings will conduct a formal contested case hearing at Lufkin City Hall on Monday November 17th at 10 a.m. This hearings is for all the public to voice your opinions about the propose plant.

KTRE contacted the Texas Rangers, and Lufkin Police, because both agencies are said to be involved in the alledged criminal investigation. Both investigators were unavailable. We are also waiting to hear back from Danny Vines, who is the President of Aspen Power.

Obviously, this a story that KTRE and will continue to follow as more information becomes available.