Hats off to Law Enforcement

Angelina County (KTRE) - We usually don't think about them until there's an emergency, or we find ourselves on the opposite side of the law.  They're often considered underpaid and under appreciated, but not Thursday tonight.

Crime Stoppers of Lufkin rolled out the royal treatment for over 300 East Texas officers and officers of the court.  It's a chance to recognize those sworn to serve and protect us.

The banquet, at least for a few hours, gives them a chance to focus on the positive side of law enforcement.

There are no speeches or awards, just plenty of good food, door prizes and goodwill.  A highlight of the evening is the cash giveaway.  Fifteen bags of money 75 to 500 dollars per bag, is given away in a series of drawings.

It's the 15th Annual Appreciation Dinner, presented by Crime Stoppers of Lufkin.   The meal is prepared by the Square Shooters.  There is a long list of door prizes that are donated by several dozen local businesses.  Sponsors donate money or prizes.  Some of the money is used for the dinner and a scholarship.

All types of prizes are on the list ranging from flashlights to a plasma television set.  The names of the attendees, as well as the ones working, are put in a hopper and a name is drawn until all of the prizes are handed out.  Then all of the names go back into the hopper and a name is drawn for the television and fifteen names are drawn for the cash prizes.

President Rocky Thigpen says it's a way for the board and the community to give something back to the men and women who work in law enforcement.