Trash and Treasure

One man's trash is another man's treasure, or so the saying goes. That's the theory being tested at the Junior League rummage sale where piles, and "I do" mean piles of "stuff" are on sale.

"We've had over 200 people give to the sale from their homes or businesses," said Debbie Arnold, Chairman of the rummage sale. "It's a really good way for people to get involved in the community and for us to share more about Junior League.

But some contributors to the sale say it's hard to let go of some of their treasures. "It was tough to let some of it go," said Lynell Stover, a contributor to the sale. "I would find things that I had forgotten I had. I held a couple things back...old baby clothes and stuff."

Even the chairman of the event says it's a little tough to let go. "I was checking someone out and was like 'hey that's my shirt, it's all the good stuff,'" said Arnold.

Shoppers can finding some great deals and in the end, knowing that the profits help the Junior League help others makes letting go a little easier.